Posted by Deb Murray on Jun 12, 2017

Frankford Youth Centre Gives!

Frank Meiboom see's value in in giving our youth a place to feel wanted, valued and cared for.  As a member of the Rotary Club of Trenton (and incoming president for the Rotary year 2018/2019) Frank is obviously dedicated to helping his community.  Frank is not only an active member of Trenton Rotary, but he's served on the board of directors of the Frankford Youth centre for five years.  His passion for ensuring the young people in the community have a solid foundation to strengthen their resilience and life learning skills was evident as he provided members of our club with an opportunity to see and learn about the achievements and successes of this community organization.    

Evidence of value based caring is everywhere at the Frankford Youth Centre

This faith based youth centre gives young people in grades 6 through 12 a place to gather and call their own.  The youth centre has forged relationships with the Frankford school and other community organizations to provide a safe and value driven experience where impressionable young people can hang out after school.  Driven by principals of positivity, responsibility and giving, the Frankford Youth Centre nurtures and guides young personalities in directions that serve to build confidence, self esteem and future opportunities.  Free services include, an after school bite to eat, tutoring, homework help and space, life skills mentoring, fellowship and friendship building. 
The Frankford Youth Center is possible because of the dedicated volunteers and the highly respected and skilled director, Mathew Reily. Mathew sees what many can't in kids.  Along with regular volunteers, he's there for them.  Many students come to the youth center as a transition between school and home.  Rather then being home alone or getting involved in less desirable activities, young people are welcomed here.   Many young people, between 8 and 20 youth per afternoon use the centre to recharge, refuel and be recognized for their daily accomplishments or come to get help with what ever school or life issue they may have.  Their sense of belonging is what keeps them coming back to this safe and helpful place. 
With an entire building dedicated to the youth center and one full time employee, the Frankford Youth Centre relies completely on the generosity of the community and service clubs to keep it open and available for flourishing young minds.  Keeping our youth safe and guiding them in the right direction is not only good for them but it's good for the community at large. 
The Rotary Club of Trenton is proud to support the Frankford Youth centre with a donation each year.  On Monday June 12th, 2017 members of the Rotary Club of Trenton had the pleasure of visiting the centre and hearing from many members of the board about how our donations, coupled with those from the community and other service clubs, has benefitted the young people whom the centre serves. 
For more information about the Frankford Youth Centre, click here.