Posted on Jan 22, 2018

Rotarian Style Serving 

Where do you find Rotarians doing good in the world?  Well, all around the world of course.  But on one cold afternoon in Quinte West, Trenton Rotarians served those in need and held their lunch meeting at the Salvation Army Community Family Church.   Trenton Rotary Club raises money in the community to give it back to the community where it's needed.   But raising money isn't all Rotarians do.  They give from their pocket books, heart and hands.  This was a special day for Rotarians to be visible and helpful directly in the community in which they work, live and play.  A wonderful meal was made, served and cleaned up after.  Rotarians had the honor of sharing a meal with each other along side community members who appreciate the valuable service provided by the Salvation Army Community and Family Services centre.   

Meeting and Serving together

The Salvation Army is an integral part of the Christian Church, distinctive in its government and practices. The organization is international, serving in over 125 countries around the world.  The goals are the advancement of the Christian religion, the relief of poverty and other charitable objectives beneficial to the society and the ethnic community. Also, the Salvation Army provides personal counselling and undertakes the spiritual, moral and physical rehabilitation of all persons in need who come within its sphere - regardless of race, colour, creed, sex or age. To learn more about the Salvation Army programs, click here
Rotarians and community members serving others
Trenton Rotarians breaking bread and meeting together in the community.