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Trent Port Marina

We have had a very successful Early Act Program this year. Come to the meeting to hear all about it! We will be welcoming students from the program at our meeting to speak about their experience. 

EarlyAct is a program for intermediate & Senior Elementary School Children, following the principles of a service club.


It is conducted during school time but at times other than classroom time. Our Club meets at their lunch time on a weekly basis, usually in the gym within the school.


The Club is managed by 2 teachers who act as resource persons to the Club for the purposes of following school rules, safely, discipline and to offer advice and direction (when needed).


The membership is made up of students from Grade 3 through 8 & is gender neutral. The current President is a girl by the name of Alexandra Dewar (grade 5 I think).


The meetings are very "hands on" in nature and the yearly program usually consists of 3 projects - 1 for the betterment of the School (raising money for sports equipment, sweat equity clean up or trash bash day, etc; 1 project for the betterment of the community such as raising funds/food for the local food bank, financial support to the Humane Society, etc; and 1 project on an International nature such as their current project of raising funds for the Rotary Polio Plus campaign, raising funds to support a school in a country in Africa, etc.


The Club usually follows some Rotary Club protocol in their meetings - such as calling the meeting to order by striking their meeting bell with their gavel, repeating the Rotary 4 way test, instead of dedicating "happy bucks", they ask each member to speak to a "happy" thought for the day.


Once their projects are researched for acceptance and proper execution, they organize themselves into small committees to work towards the successful realization of the project at hand. 


Throughout their 5 year history, there has not been 1 project that they have agreed to, that has not met with resounding success.


Our "service above self" motto is alive and well through our sponsorship of this organization and although they do not have formal Rotary International sanction, this organization knows how to serve and is where our future Rotarians will come from .



In addition, David Lyon of Creating Possibilities will be giving a 5 minute presentation/announcement about his efforts in Napal.